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Welcome to the FHSS Creative Media Request System

**For design and printing requests, please visit**

Our team of talented student employees are here to assist you with your video and photography needs.

To ensure completion of your project, we ask that you plan in advance and provide us at least 3-5 business days *^ (for most requests- see the Note section below) to offer the best service and fulfillment of your request.

We receive requests from all the departments and centers in FHSS. Because of this, there are times in the semester that our request queue becomes quite full and that may push back expected deadlines. Please keep in mind that the FHSS Creative Media team is comprised of students, therefore, schedules and coverage will vary.
Please make sure to plan accordingly around:

  • Holidays- school and national
  • Finals week
  • First week of a term
  • Graduation
  • Weekends

We are very committed to providing the best services we can. We will do our best to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. At times, we miss the mark, but we are more than willing to work with you to correct any issues. If we cannot meet a deadline for any reason, we will let you know so you can make other arrangements for your request if necessary.
* For most requests, 3-4 business days provides us enough time to schedule, assign, and complete your requests. Most of these types of requests include:

  • Recording class lectures
  • Simple video editing (We no longer burn DVDs or CDs)
  • Photoshoots- small e.g., individuals, stills, some events

Other types of requests that require more planning, scheduling, and time- usually 1 business week or more are:

  • Recording major events, e.g., Hinckley, Fulton
  • Custom video shoots e.g., student/alum/fac/staff spotlights, research specific, advertisements
  • Video authoring with graphics and sound
  • Photoshoots- large e.g., large groups, major events
  • Website design- these require 2 weeks to a month+ for custom sites because of the design and programming involved

Thank you for allowing us to serve you. If you have any questions or concerns or wish to discuss a very specific need please let me know.

**For design and printing requests, please visit**

Thank you!

For video inquiries contact:

Stephanie Ollerton
Creative Video Manager
Family, Home, & Social Sciences